About - Cobalto Lab


— Fashion Designer

Imagine rolls of fabric leftovers crowding the storehouses of Italian textile and apparel industries.
It only takes a few words for a creative director to interrupt the lifecycle of tons of fabric.

Where do the leftovers of a top quality silk roll end up ?

The journey of fabric scraps and leftovers belongs to a world of dark storehouse piles, far from the dazzling lights of fashion shows. It is a world that few people know about, but nonetheless very fascinating.

Cobalto Lab gives a second life to leftover fabrics . Its mission is to design trendy, customizable limited edition garments out of these rolls.

60 billion kg of fabrics are produced every year, involving the consumption of 6 thousand billion liters of water – Over 7 billion swimming pools!

Cobalto makes environmental consciousness a priority. All its garments are handcrafted using italian textile production leftover rolls from the 1960’s to today. Share Cobalto sustainable philosophy and start wearing designer clothes without exploiting further resources from our planet